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    Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs: What Do They Really Involve?

    Crime scene cleanup jobs may not be for everyone. If you have a stomach of steel and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, then read on! Crime scene cleanup jobs require an individual with a strong stomach who is able-bodied enough to move heavy objects and handle biohazards. This isn't your average office job. Finding your dream job as a crime scene cleaner may not be for everyone but many people find it a very rewarding career. It’s not just about cleaning up blood stains and other bodily fluids; it’s also a matter of helping the families who have lost their loved ones. But is crime scene cleanup employment for you. First, it is important to be a self-motivated person. Second, you need to be able to handle the physical demands of the job. Third, crime scene cleaners are often asked about their sense of smell and how they feel about coming into contact with biohazards like blood. This last point is pretty important to focus on. Crime scene cleanup involves the cleaning of the aftermath from a dead person 90% of the time. This biohazard will usually leave a very bad smell. It is hard to describe the smell of death but most people can't handle it. This is why past funeral home employees, police, and fire rescue often become crime scene cleaners, they are some of the few professionals that also deal with death and understand these odors. The payscale for crime scene cleaners depends on the supervisor position, manager, or trauma technician level you are applying for. Job pay can start at $18,000 per year and go as high as $52,000 a year with the right company, so choose who you decide to work with my interviewing with a few employers. Our job openings will be listed here when available. If you think a career as a crime scene cleaner is right for you please check here for any updated job listings or find your location here and see if any jobs have been posted for your hometown.
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