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    Crime Scene Cleanup Costs & Pricing

    When crime scenes are left uncleaned, they can pose serious health risks to the public. The longer crime scene cleanup is delayed, the more hazardous it becomes for crime scene cleaners and other people who come in contact with the biohazardous material. It's important to keep crime scenes clean as soon as possible so that everyone has a chance of staying safe from any potential disease or infection. Many factors come into play when determining the costs. We will illustrate some of the basic cost factors involved in a crime scene, trauma, suicide, or unattended death cleanup. First, it is important to understand that the primary thing we decontaminate or clean is the blood at a scene. That is not always the only thing cleaned and removed. If the room is from an active crime scene investigation there may be blood present as well as fingerprint dust. If we have to remove fingerprint dust this can significantly increase the time and equipment needed. As with an unattended death, there are oftentimes large amounts of decomposed dead body tissue which must be bagged and disposed of. Suicides can have multiple surfaces that are affected causing the ceiling to need to be cleaned that in some cases can have asbestos. As you can imagine there are a number of things determining costs. Although price ranges for crime scene cleanup can range from $500 to many thousands it is important to get an estimate from onsite inspection.

    Does Insurance Cover Costs for Crime Scene Cleanup?

    Many people want to know if insurance covers the sometimes high costs for crime and trauma decontamination services. Every company is different and every situation is different. We have an insurance policy specialist that you can speak to when you call that can help you understand the explanation of benefits for your homeowner's policy. In many cases when an accidental death or natural death or crime scene; has happened there can be some coverage. It is very important to have the company performing your biohazard cleaning work with you to confirm coverage with your insurance policy provider.

    Can Pre-Cleaning Reduce Costs?

    No, pre-cleaning or attempting to clean a crime scene, suicide, or unattended death in a self-clean way can make matters worse. You also can put yourself at extreme dangers that are unnecessary. Contact our crime scene cleaners who can help you get an estimate sometimes the same day you call!
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