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    What Are Crime Scene Cleaners

    Many people might have heard about crime scene cleaners in the movies or on the news and misunderstand what we do. DeathPal Cleaners is one of the nation's most trusted names in the crime scene, trauma, and death cleaning and decontamination services. A crime scene cleaner is who we send to homes across the U.S. to assist families in cleaning homes after a death, crime scene, or accident. First, it is important to understand that a crime scene cleaner does more than clean crime scenes. Our teams are credited as the primary responders for Police, Government Officials, City Officials, Landlords, and Residents across the country when blood or other biohazards need to be cleaned and decontaminated. Even though they are by name called crime scene cleaners, our teams are involved in a number of scenes that need to be decontaminated. The most common scenes we clean involve death or accident and almost always involve our proprietary blood cleanup and sanitizing processes.Secondly, we clean crime scenes when they are released from any ongoing Police investigation. Many movies highlight our profession as the after-crime cleaners who can remove evidence but that is far from reality. Real-life crime scene cleaners only clean crime scenes when granted permission from the homeowner of the property in question as well as any Crime Scene Investigators who may be involved. This process is typical for a murder scene or a homicide where a blunt forced trauma has caused bloodshed that can be in the form of pooed blood, bloodstains, or other human fluids at a home.

    How To Hire Our Crime Scene Cleaners

    Hiring our crime scene cleaners is easier than most. DeathPal Cleaners provides a 24hour toll-free phone number that is easy to call. When you contact us we will go over any questions you have and provide accurate and full answers. Then we will have a few questions for you in order to determine the scale of the damages caused. A death cleanup can be a small job where we need 2-3 crime scene cleaners present to complete and others may involve more serious damage requiring an entire team. Once we accomplish understanding what happened that prompted you to contact us we will contact our closest crime scene cleaners to your location from various regional offices across the United States.
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