Covid19 Health Policy | Deathpal Cleaners

    Covid19 Health Policy

    The Covid19 Health Policy is a document that outlines the safety and health procedures for Covid-19. The pandemic has affected a lot of families but we still operate as an emergency hazmat, biohazard cleaning, and crime scene cleanup company during this trying time. DeathPal Cleaners and our associates, employees, and consultants are all adhering to safety guidelines and procedures put in place by the CDC and health departments around the United States. All meetings are conducted while wearing masks and with 6ft or more of social distancing. While cleaning a home from a death all our crime scene cleaners wear hazmat PPE equipment allowing themselves to be safe when working together. All surfaces that may have been contaminated are cleaned with a sanitizing solution. All surfaces that do not need to be decontaminated must remain untouched. We then disinfect the entire space by wiping down all hard surface areas and using fogging equipment on any remaining accessible spaces, such as closets or under furniture (fogging is conducted in an attached room from death if odor is present). Please help us keep everyone safe during the pandemic and do your part in working to stay inline with CDC and your County Health Departments Covid19 guidelines.
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