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    Blood Spill Cleanup and Disinfecting

    Blood spills are a dangerous and messy occurrence, but with the right blood cleanup supplies and methods, you can take back control of your space. Blood is classified as a biohazard, so it's important to clean up any blood spills immediately before they cause more damage. Blood contains harmful pathogens that will spread through contact or exposure to the liquid, which could lead to serious health risks for anyone in close proximity. DeathPal Cleaners understand how to clean blood spills, remove bloodstains, and decontaminate properties that have had blood left behind on surfaces.

    CDC & Health Department Bloodspill Risks

    The CDC says bloodborne pathogens can survive on a surface for days, weeks or longer. Bloodborne diseases include Hepatitis B, HIV, and Syphilis. Blood spills also pose a significant danger to anyone who may come into contact with them by way of an exposed cut or wound. Blood is classified as a biohazard, so it's important to clean up any blood as well as use the right chemicals and equipment to sanitize the surfaces where the blood was found. Due to Covid-19 blood at homes has possible increased risks and all blood spills should be avoided regardless of if the person was a known carrier of Covid-19 or not. Deathpal Cleaners has hazmat teams known as crime scene cleaners who are trained to effectively clean up Blood and Blood spills. Crime scene cleaners are able to bring in special equipment, tools, and chemicals that can be used for blood clean-up because of the biohazardous nature of blood.

    Blood Cleanup Decontamination

    DeathPal Cleaners have all the correct training they need to safely handle any type of blood spill or blood containment as well as know-how to dispose of any of the biohazard waste that we will remove from your home. In some cases, the blood is spilled onto surfaces that need to be completely removed. When bloodstained surfaces are removed and any disposable or one-time-use equipment will all need to be incinerated as a means of hazardous waste disposal.
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