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    Elk Grove, California is the largest city in the state of California, situated south of Sacramento, in the Sacramento County region. It is a part of the Sacramento.–Arden Arcade' Roseville metropolitan statistical area. As of late2019, the number of people in the city was estimable at 175,075. Elk Grove has lots of wineries, vineyards and restaurants. Due to the proximity of Sacramento, it has become the second most populous city and the largest employer.

    The city is very popular because of its proximity to wine country. It also has a variety of sports teams, big brand names, shopping malls, restaurants and spas. Many large employers are located here such as Apple Inc, Elk Grove Unified School District, Intel, Prudential, Walt Disney, Westwood One, Best Buy, JC Penney and Macy's. Elk Grove is also home to one of the largest employers in the state of California, UC Davis. One of the newest companies to town is DeathPal Cleaners which is the Elk Grove California crime scene cleanup company.

    The summer months in Elk Grove are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching ninety degrees in some areas. It can be quite chilly in the winter with temperatures below freezing. In the springtime, temperatures are mostly above ninety but, daytime temperatures are usually around sixty. The climate in Elk Grove is moderate; there is not too much of humidity and there are not too many major storms. Seasonal weather is generally mild winters do not affect the climate as much as summertime and springtime. It's a good idea to also look at our articles on some of the best salary jobs in Elk Grove CA and the best funeral homes in Elk Grove CA.

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